Company History and Staff

Lea & Sachs was founded in 1937 to provide narrow fabrics to the apparel trade. In the 1940’s we added military specification items. In the 1950’s we began to service the tent & awning industry, and in the 1960’s we developed many items for the automotive industry. Since then, we have served virtually every industry that uses a sewing machine and several that do not. Throughout that time Lea & Sachs has built its reputation on strong relationships with its customers and suppliers through fair dealing and excellent customer service.

We became ISO certified In 1998. The ISO process has helped us refine our focus on quality and continuous improvement to insure our customers receive the best outcome each time we do business.

We have a Detroit sales office, the Schmidt-Bowman Company, specializing in automotive industry standards and processes helping us to become a leader in supplying narrow fabrics for automotive trim.

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